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Riveting the EVs? | Mahindra XUV 400

The engineers have done everything possible to make this structurally safe for the occupants and protect the battery


Range, Interior Space


Interior Features


If you are wondering how to differentiate between the XUV 300 and the XUV 400, you might want to stay glued to the page and read every word. The first thing that will catch your eye is the copper accents on the exteriors of the XUV 400. It is Mahindra’s new colour specially introduced for their electric vehicle line-up. In addition, the twin-peaks logo, trim pieces on the grille and bumpers, and the plastic trim piece on the side are all finished in a copper finish making the XUV 400 look very characteristic. Furthermore, the roof is painted in gloss copper, making this car look attractive.

While the exterior might look similar, keen-eyed folks will notice that the overall length of the XUV 400 is increased, which is now 4200mm. Thus it no longer qualifies as a sub-4 meter SUV. Nonetheless, there are some more changes in the rear, such as the clear LED taillights with copper elements and a functional roof spoiler which further accentuate the design of the XUV 400. So all in all, while the XUV 400 might bare a resemblance to the XUV 300, it certainly isn’t just a blatant copy but also has its unique elements.

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