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Riveting the EVs? | Mahindra XUV 400

The engineers have done everything possible to make this structurally safe for the occupants and protect the battery


Range, Interior Space


Interior Features


Now when you move to the interiors of the XUV 400, things are pretty similar to the ICE sibling here as well. But just like the exteriors, there are some enhancements to follow the electric theme of the vehicle. This now comes with an all-black interior, blue contrast stitching, and perforated leather seats. The copper accents continue on the inside, with the AC surrounds, gear knob, AC knob and twin-peaks logo on the steering finished in satin copper. Sadly, the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system is retained from the XUV 300, making it look very dated and, quite honestly, really basic for the interiors. Moreover, I also noticed that the dual-zone climate controls are no longer available, and instead, the XUV 400 comes with a single-zone AC.

If the one thing the XUV 300 had to boast about was its interior space, I am happy to report that it remains the same even with the XUV 400. There is an abundance of space inside, and even the seats themselves are very comfortable, with ample cushioning and decent lumbar support. Furthermore, the large windows all around make the cabin feel quite airy and not very claustrophobic. As I mentioned, the XUV 400 is now 4200mm, and all that extra space is gone to the boot. Unlike its ICE sibling, the XUV 400 isn’t plagued with a minuscule boot, but rather it can actually fit a weekend’s worth of luggage comfortably.

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