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The Just About Perfect Audi Q8 E-Tron | First Drive Review

When I say just about perfect, the all-new Audi Q8 e-tron 2023 gave me a very hard time trying to find almost anything, which can be a major deal breaker for me.


Range, Comfort, Driving Performance




From the looks of it, the car just came fresh out of the oven with a new makeover but still holding onto its sporty yet somehow fierce character. Starting with the very avant-garde 2D Audi logo, which will soon appear on all cars in the range. Right on top of the logo is a single frame projection light which illuminates and enhances the logo, which is something I really liked. Right below the logo is the inverted grill, half open to airflow; now, if you take a closer look, you will find the e-tron logo right under the number plate on the front and rear as well. 

Going onto the side, it has decent size air vents complementing the aerodynamic silhouette of the car. The sharp, edgy Digital Matrix LED headlamps give the car a very posh and powerful look, adapting to all driving conditions and amplifying visibility. The character lines on the hood make the overall proportions of the car have a typical Audi appearance. 

The car equips 20-inch alloys, and the most attractive part for me is the brake callipers which come in red colour adding that pop of colour to the entire aesthetic of the car. There are charging ports on both sides of the car, and with just one click of a button, they open seamlessly. The rearview mirrors come in an edgy eye shape in India; if you were somewhere in Europe, you would have a camera feed right inside the car on the doors as your rearview mirrors. The contoured lines flow towards the rear, and in the Sportback, we have a coupe-style roofline, while the SUV has a more practical and spacious rear. The rear end of the car is the same in both options in terms of diffusers. Audi has gone with a subtle and minimalist approach with a single tail lamp stretching from one end to the other. It also has the Audi and Q8 badging. 

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