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The Just About Perfect Audi Q8 E-Tron | First Drive Review

When I say just about perfect, the all-new Audi Q8 e-tron 2023 gave me a very hard time trying to find almost anything, which can be a major deal breaker for me.


Range, Comfort, Driving Performance




When I stepped inside the car, at first, the interiors were not changed much from the previous e-tron, a bummer. But no complaints, though; it may not have gone through changes, but it still feels luxurious. One can right away feel it's an Audi from the looks of it. The multi-functional steering wheel is wrapped in high-end leather, and the feel of it is exceptionally well, it comes with paddle shifters. There are two touch screen panels: the 10-inch infotainment HVAC screen comes with haptic responses, and the other screen for the climate control. The 12-inch Audi virtual cockpit plus is always a good addition to the car. The 360 camera view comes with great quality resolution. The overall aesthetic of the interior is subtle and not in the face but classy. Basically, it is something which we would want for our day-to-day cars. 

The seats are extremely comfortable, something which I always expect from Audi. They come with seat ventilation and a heater for the front seats; Massage feature is optional. The centre console has a good amount of storage with cup holders. The gear selector is quite interesting and easy to move. The rear seats have an armrest big enough for two people to rest their hands, it also has inbuilt cup holders which slide out effortlessly, and there is a storage space for our phones. On the windows, there are blinds, a nice touch. But had they been automatic, it would have been a good addition to the car. There is a small touchscreen panel for AC vents on both sides. Right below that, we have two C-type charging points. The large Panoramic sunroof makes the cabin feel more roomier. The car comes with 16 Bang & Olufsen Premium 3D sound system. However, one thing that confused me was the windows. They do not go down fully and take up half of the space while open. In terms of interiors, the BMW IX does a slightly better job. 

Storage space is clearly a winner here for me. Be it on the front seat or the back , there is enough legroom and headroom space for me, even in the Sportback with the sloping roofline. The boot space for the Sportback is 528 litres which are sufficient, and for the SUV, it is 569 litres. Although the frunk space has been increased this time, it can only possibly store the charger. 

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