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Wrangler Unleashed: It’s time to escape the gridlock | Embrace the Freedom

The Jeep Wrangler is more than just a car; it's a passport to unforgettable experiences


Purpose-built machine. Works


Capabilities challenged by cheaper alternatives


Don't be fooled by the 2.0-liter engine; it packs a punch that would shame a heavyweight boxer. Scaling mountains and wading through rivers becomes child's play. Three locking differentials ensure you power through any terrain, while a 0-100 sprint in under 9 seconds leaves tarmac lovers speechless. But the Wrangler isn't just brawn; it's gotten a lot more pleasant to live with. 

The off-road capability is simply ridiculous, in the best way possible. The stock all-terrain tires grip like climbing claws, and the front sway bar disconnects with a satisfying click, allowing for superior wheel articulation. This means all four wheels maintain contact with the ground, crucial for conquering uneven terrain. Surprisingly nimble handling for such a large vehicle makes conquering challenging landscapes an absolute blast.

Jeep's engineers haven't forgotten the perils of exploring uncharted territories. The scratch-resistant windscreen shrugs off low-hanging branches like a seasoned warrior. Those imposing off-road bumpers? They ensure your Wrangler returns from daring climbs and descents without any unwanted souvenirs. Gradient changes? This Jeep devours them with insatiable hunger, transforming what would be an obstacle course for most vehicles into a playground for the Wrangler.

TopGear Magazine June 2024