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Wrangler Unleashed: It’s time to escape the gridlock | Embrace the Freedom

The Jeep Wrangler is more than just a car; it's a passport to unforgettable experiences


Purpose-built machine. Works


Capabilities challenged by cheaper alternatives


The new touchscreen is your off-road command center, brimming with features and an integrated camera system that transforms navigating treacherous trails into a strategic game. It's like having your own personal co-pilot, guiding you through the wilderness. Despite which corner of the world you wish to discover, you’ll always be accompanied with luxury - leather seats with heating, a heated steering wheel, music pumping through that 554W Alpine audio system, and a status that some of the most renowned SUVs have earned. That’s a good way of spending eighty-odd lakhs I tell you.  

We pushed the limits, as any self-respecting adventurer would. We plunged into a river, the water gushing in through the temporary doorless state – all part of the exhilarating experience, right? Besides, there's a conveniently placed drain plug to drain off any water that might have collected in the cabin before you head out back on the road. Although I’ve always loved my SUVs dirty, if you wish to transform your mud-encrusted beast back into a brand new condition, you can easily hose down the entirety of it, inside out. 

TopGear Magazine June 2024