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2022 Lamborghini Urus Performante | Let’s go dancing on the dirt track!

Let’s go dancing on the dirt track!


Its Rally Mode, Extra 16 Hp more than the outgoing Urus


Reduced Ground Clearance by 20 mm, Long Waiting Period


Chapter 3 -

It’s the heart of the Urus with the soul of a race car driver. The engineers had put the Urus into a weight loss programme which has resulted in toning up from everywhere. The bumpers, roof, wheel arches, diffuser, front splitter and protruding roof spoiler are all made from the lightweight weave; even the bonnet and door panels have extensive carbon fiber usage; all that and the changed suspension set-up has resulted in shedding 47 kilograms. It now weighs 2150 Kgs with 16 Hp more at 666 Hp and the same 850 Nm of mind-boggling torque. Incredible feat. One additional driving mode, the “Rally mode” .


It sits below the Corsa mode and now you can actually go drifting with the Urus. More of it later. The “Performante” has a claimed figure of 0-100 kmph in just 3.3 seconds and a 0-200 kmph sprint in 11.5 seconds. It also has made a world record for the fastest SUV at the Pikes Peak course in a record time of 10:32.064! The new rear spoiler, air curtains, and Bonnet outlets have increased the downforces by 38%. It is also 10% more aerodynamic with improved engine compartment cooling. It has an option of 22-inch and 23-inch Pirelli Trofeo R tyres, increasing steering reactiveness and grip marginally.

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