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Aston Martin DBX 707 | Brute in a Suit | India Review

Mr Bond, your family vehicle is now here and it makes 707PS!


Outright Performance, Luxury




We've already reviewed the DBX 707; hence I will keep this short. In simple terms, the DBX 707 is a fancy black three-piece suit with some crazy stitching. Carbon fibre can be seen on most exterior trim pieces, and the piece de resistance is the 23-inch alloys that come standard in the DBX 707. Now, if you ask me, it does seem slightly excessive for India but trust me, the way it fills up the wheel arch is blissful. The DBX 707 we drove had Aston's exclusive grey paint, which makes the super SUV a little understated but spec the DBX 707 well, and you'd be able to make even Mr Bond turn around and look at you.


Furthermore, owing to the performance upgrades, the DBX 707 looks sightly different from the regular DBX. Keen-eyed viewers will spot that the new front-end treatment includes a larger front grille, an all-new DRL design, new air intakes and brake cooling ducts, and a new front splitter profile. A new lip spoiler has been added to the roof wing at the back, with a significantly enlarged twin rear diffuser rising to meet the large quad exhaust system. It is finished in satin black to complement the diffuser's gloss black treatment. A new rear bumper with integrated quarter panel vents completes the rear-end changes.


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