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Aston Martin DBX 707 | Brute in a Suit | India Review

Mr Bond, your family vehicle is now here and it makes 707PS!


Outright Performance, Luxury




If you are spending so much money, you would love some exclusivity and class, wouldn't you? Don't worry. The DBX 707 doesn't feel standard in any way. Plenty of cows have sacrificed their hide to cover the interiors of the DBX 707, and the only real letdown is the old-school infotainment system that is borrowed from Mercedes of the yesteryear. Other than that, There are three interior environments to choose from- a standard Accelerate, which has a mix of leather and Alcantara, as well as the optional Inspire Comfort and Inspire Sport, which have full semi-aniline leather and embroidered Aston Martin wings on the headrest. The interior comes standard with a dark chrome finish on the switchgear.


There are more changes, too such as a redesigned lower console with new drive mode selection switches. In addition, rather than having to navigate to a sub-menu within the infotainment system, the driver now has immediate access to basic modes and settings.

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