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Citroen C3 Aircross | Worth The Hype? | First Drive Review

The C3 Aircross is an ambitious product and a very important one at that for Citroen. If Citroen prices the C3 Aircross around the 10L margin, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a stellar proposition.


Looks, suspension, Engine


Fit and finish, no automatic


If it isn’t apparent enough, I’m happy to report the C3 Aircross looks stunning. It’s beautifully proportioned, and for something that can potentially accommodate seven passengers, it looks rather attractive. The muscular lines and creases make the C3 Aircross stand out and look like nothing else in its segment. The signature “Y” shaped DRL instantly makes it recognisable as a Citroen, and the muscular front and rear wheel arches give this SUV the appearance of having a wider track than it does. The headlamps and taillights aren’t LED, which is perhaps done to keep costs at a minimum, though I think LEDs would have added more to the appeal. As alluring as the lines on the C3 Aircross are, the choice of colours is rather dull. You’ve got the same old two shades of grey, white and dark denim blue that look decent but not stunning and fail to do justice to the overall styling, in my opinion. 

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