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Citroen C3 Aircross | Worth The Hype? | First Drive Review

The C3 Aircross is an ambitious product and a very important one at that for Citroen. If Citroen prices the C3 Aircross around the 10L margin, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a stellar proposition.


Looks, suspension, Engine


Fit and finish, no automatic


The C3 Aircross is powered by a familiar 1.2-litre motor also available in the C3. This motor isn’t the most powerful in its segment, but it isn’t the least powerful. The engine is fun, and the powertrain feels potent. It comes mated to a rather slick-shifting gearbox, and the combination of it with the motor feels quite well done. The engine has enough power to propel you into triple-digit speeds and seems more than happy to cruise and return decent mileage. The brakes, too, are pretty lovely and bite with confidence and force. My problem lies with the steering wheel, which feels too hard. At higher speeds, it’s reassuring and provides reasonable control, but at lower speeds, it’s tedious, and manoeuvring it in heavy traffic can get a bit exhausting after a while.
Nevertheless, I am pleased with how the C3 Aircross handles and drives, and it may not outright blow you away or accelerate as hard as a Volkswagen Taigun. Still, fulfilling your family and touring duties seems more than peppy. The handling of the C3 Aircross seems adequate. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to drive it around twisty roads, and our experience was limited to open highways. The suspension on the highways did seem to do a decent job at absorbing any undulations at higher speeds, but the lack of proper insulation still allows thuds to creep in, which takes away from the feeling of a smooth ride. Citroen set up an off road course which wasn’t all too challenging, but it did a decent job of conveying the low-speed ride quality, which is quite impressive, and it seems well prepared for our Indian roads. 

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