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Citroen C3 Aircross | Worth The Hype? | First Drive Review

The C3 Aircross is an ambitious product and a very important one at that for Citroen. If Citroen prices the C3 Aircross around the 10L margin, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a stellar proposition.


Looks, suspension, Engine


Fit and finish, no automatic


The most impressive thing about the interior is the amount of space on offer and how airy and open the cabin feels. The large windows let in plenty of light, and the modularity between having this as a five or a 5+2 adds to the versatility of this SUV. That’s where the good stuff ends; the rest was rather disappointing. The same interior has been carried over from the C3, which sits a segment below, and even the trim or quality of plastics hasn’t been changed. The centre console is the same, and Citroen changed the speedo with a TFT that isn’t the best in its class but certainly not the worst. The rest of the interior is a bit of a letdown, and Citroen should have done something apart from just adding a TFT. The sound system is subpar, with no ambient lights, no sunroof, ventilated seats or any additional creature comforts one has come to expect in a segment like this. It’s the price that would put things into perspective for me, but regardless, this is expected of a seemingly premium brand such as Citroen. Even the rear AC vents wouldn’t work correctly during our test, which was disappointing given how well the front AC performs. Leave the front AC on for a couple of minutes, and it’ll cool you down even on its lowest setting and, at its highest, feel like a cold breeze on your face. The modularity and versatility of the third row are pretty impressive and make this a family-friendly SUV. 

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