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Mercedes Benz EQS 580 | Made In India

The EQS 580 is long, low and mean. It can switch characters from luxury to performance with a simple push to the pedal.


Handsome looks, thrilling performance, excellent range


Lack of customization


The EQS 580 has somewhat polarizing looks; it’s a love-it-or-hate-it design, and I, for one, quite like it. The EQS 580 is long, broad and low in its stance and has some really cool design elements implemented. Take, for example, the beautiful LED headlamps that house three powerful LEDs with up to 1.3 million micro-mirrors for reflection. This allows the lights to be better controlled, and like with most matrix headlamps, they can turn off individual parts of the beam to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. It’s got a long strip of LED that connects both headlamps and makes the overall design appear a lot more futuristic. It’s got a black grille with little stars that reflect light and look quite stunning, especially at night. The hood seamlessly folds over the front fenders and looks stunning once you notice it. The EQS 580 follows Mercedes’ one-bow design and looks gorgeous with its coupe-like roofline. This makes the EQS look gangster and the world’s most aerodynamic production car with a drag coefficient of just 0.20. Even the door handles sit flush into the car and only pop out when needed, making them quite stylish and purposeful.

Come over to the rear, and its curvy boot is quite eye-catching. I especially like what Mercedes Benz has done with the tail lamp, and it added more depth to the conventional 2D taillamps we were used to seeing. The EQS 580 got a lot of attention and thumbs-ups from onlookers, and it definitely feels like you’re driving something exotic out on the road. This feels like the modern/electric rendition of a Mercedes Benz CLS, and we all know what a handsome car that was. Its overall stance doesn’t look like a luxury car and looks sporty. I wish Mercedes Benz gave you more vibrant colours to go with this rather ambitious design because, as it stands, it gets the same old white, black, three shades of grey and a rather dull looking blue. Though the EQS looks excellent here in white, I feel it’s more of a testament to the design than the colour.

TopGear Magazine May 2024