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Mercedes Benz EQS 580 | Made In India

The EQS 580 is long, low and mean. It can switch characters from luxury to performance with a simple push to the pedal.


Handsome looks, thrilling performance, excellent range


Lack of customization


Step inside the EQS 580, and you’ll notice its tech and luxury overloaded. It has a beautiful 12.3-inch driver display and a 17.7-inch centre console, and even the passenger now has a 12.3-inch display. All three displays are OLEDs and are protected with gorilla glass. Combined, these are about 56-inches in size and part of Mercedes Benz’ MBUX Hyperscreen, as they call it. It’s supposed to be intuitive, easy to use, and help the driver stay focused. Having so many screens is quite distracting, and Mercedes has added a feature that detects where your eyes are looking and will automatically dim the passenger display if you’re looking towards it while driving. This system works so well that it can even adjust the mirrors based on your line of sight and knows when you’re looking at the passenger side ORVM or if you’re looking at their screen.

Additionally, Mercedes has given the EQS 580 a voice, face and fingerprint scanner that makes accessibility a lot easier when logging into your individual profile. There are up to seven different users, and each user profile can be customized by adjusting up to 800 other parameters for each user. The EQS gets a 15-speaker Burmester audio system with a total output of 710 W. Though this may not seem like a lot in a cabin as well insulated as this one, it’s quite a treat to your ears, and you’ll definitely enjoy banging your favourite tunes in this car.

The backseat of the EQS is quite a comfortable place to be. It has more than sufficient room for your limbs and allows you to adjust the recline further if you like. Mercedes Benz has integrated a small tablet inside the armrest for accessibility, but I enjoyed using the phone app that allows you to control everything you can from the tablet. In terms of charging, Mercedes Benz has given the EQS up to 8 type-C charging ports and two wireless charging slots to keep your devices juiced up and ready to go.

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