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Mercedes EQE | Charging Ahead | First Drive Review

Keep in mind, there's an 'E' in its name, which hints at its opulence.


Ride quality , impressive screens , performance


A little too plain , a little too perfect


The exterior aesthetics seamlessly blend with the interior, but the transition from outside to inside is marred by the somewhat unnecessary side step. Inside, you have the choice of either a light or dark upholstery, but the former is a popular preference due to its inviting and soothing ambiance. While the rear seats offer excellent comfort, the front seats appear excessively cushioned, requiring considerable adjustment to find a comfortable position. Nevertheless, it falls short in delivering the same level of driver engagement as the iX does.

The sentiment extends to the control switches as well. While the EQE SUV doesn't fall short of expectations, the iX simply executes it more seamlessly. However, the Mercedes stands as a premium, fully equipped choice, boasting an impressive dashboard adorned with three screens that collectively span an expansive 56 inches, immersing you in what could be called the "iMAX experience."

TopGear Magazine July 2024