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Mercedes EQE | Charging Ahead | First Drive Review

Keep in mind, there's an 'E' in its name, which hints at its opulence.


Ride quality , impressive screens , performance


A little too plain , a little too perfect


If you're not offering an electric vehicle, someone else surely is. This appears to be the guiding principle for most automotive brands. And if they do have an electric vehicle in their lineup, they'll enthusiastically highlight all its features and environmental advantages. So, when you're Mercedes and you're determined to sell an electric vehicle, what's your game plan?

The introduction of the EQ brand was a cautious move, which led Mercedes to electrify their best-selling model. The EQC however encountered several roadblocks – from sacrificing space to an unconventional appearance that garnered curious glances every time it left an upscale apartment complex. Recognizing this, Mercedes' product planners responded with the more appealing EQB, though it remained exclusive in availability and couldn't quite validate its high 80-lakh price tag, partly due to the 'B' in its model name.

Mercedes, having reached their breaking point, made a bold move to capture everyone's attention. How, you may wonder? Well, they suspended a car from the ceiling of a packed auditorium. Yes, you read that right. In addition to unveiling an exceptional product; the EQS sedan, they also announced that this car would be assembled in India, resulting in an enticing price point. This strategic manoeuvre garnered praise from many, but Mercedes remains driven to further expand its EQ presence.

Introducing the EQE SUV - and I emphasize 'SUV' because there's also a sedan bearing the same name. It might seem a tad confusing, but what isn't perplexing is Mercedes' deliberate choice of this product to boost their sales figures. Let me clarify.

Priced at Rs 1.39 crores, it squarely positions itself in the heart of the luxury EV market. Its design is a blend of a raised sedan, particularly evident in its profile, making it equally appealing to both sedan and SUV enthusiasts. What truly sets it apart is its no-nonsense approach – delivering functionality, luxury, premium materials, and a twin-motor setup that propels it from 0 to 100kmph in an astonishingly quick 5.9 seconds. Before you dismiss it as 'slow,' let me step aside so you can appreciate the sheer magnitude of this offering!

Keep in mind, there's an 'E' in its name, which hints at its opulence. The attention to detail is truly remarkable – for instance, the grille reveals numerous stars, but only upon closer inspection. The lighting elements are exquisitely crafted, with the front adorned by a myriad of LEDs, and the rear resembling the masterful stroke of an artist's brush in vibrant red. Amidst its overall mellow and curvaceous design, those striking 20-inch alloys demand attention. Does anyone else see it as a sleek, polished pebble in motion?

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