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Mercedes EQE | Charging Ahead | First Drive Review

Keep in mind, there's an 'E' in its name, which hints at its opulence.


Ride quality , impressive screens , performance


A little too plain , a little too perfect


Such journeys pose no hassle, thanks to the impressive range on offer. With 550 kilometers of range, you can rest assured that the battery will easily outlast your distance. Plus, the DC fast charging capabilities ensure you're just a few minutes away from getting back on the road if a quick top-up is required. And when it comes to concerns about the battery pack's longevity, fear not – there's a reassuring ten-year warranty in place! Audi, can you top that?

High praise indeed for the rear seat experience! Now, on those occasions when you decide to take the wheel and effortlessly return the seat to your preferred setting using the fingerprint sensor, you'll quickly realize the exceptional speed it offers. Did you happen to overlook that colossal 858Nm figure in the brochure? Not to worry, because you're instantly reminded of it every time you flex your right foot. It's the sheer electric torque, my friend – addictive and exhilarating. You'll find yourself wanting to unleash that power, especially when you spot an AMG waiting at the red light beside you.

If that happens, before you reach the base of the hill, ensure you leave a substantial gap, for you'll need to decelerate significantly. Keep in mind, this machine carries a substantial weight. It exhibits impressive acceleration out of corners, but it's crucial to manage your entry speed effectively. It's quite amusing how rapidly this SUV, bearing the E-badge, can propel itself forward.

Equally remarkable are the regenerative capabilities. While descending a hill station, you'll find that it conserves an impressive amount of battery charge, wasting very little energy in the process. This efficiency stands as a compelling reason for many to seriously contemplate the EQE SUV.

The most exciting aspect, however, is that the EQE is making its way to our shores. Finally, we have an EQ product that's not only spacious and luxurious but also competitively priced. But Mercedes isn't stopping there. They're introducing innovative ways for you to buy and personalize your car, along with service packages that demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of maintaining an electric vehicle. 

Moreover, their rapid expansion of the electric fast charging network is set to serve all electric brands, showcasing their commitment to the EV ecosystem. They're not merely offering an EV; they genuinely want you to embrace this transition. Should you decide to acquire one, it's bound to be a justified purchase, aligning with the legacy of excellence that every other Mercedes embodies.

TopGear Magazine July 2024