Cars/ First-drive/ MG Comet EV | Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!

MG Comet EV | Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!

Every comet, big or small, deserves attention!


Form factor, features, 3-door design, customisations


Body roll, speakers, boot space


Function over form, cute nonetheless

Three-door cars have always been a style statement. Despite the sheer dimensions of this vehicle, the attention it grabs on roads is surreal. The car dimensions are a surprise at 2974mm long, 1505mm wide and 1640mm tall with a 2010mm wheelbase. LED strips dominate the front and rear design, adding a nice futuristic element to the squared-off design. A nice chrome strip runs from one ORVM to the other, adding a sense of illusion to the fascia and making it appear larger than it actually is. The ORVM integrated turn indicators are joystick adjustable, complemented with an all-LED lamp setup and turn indicators on the front bumper. LEDs up front and rear are used as design elements to add character, with a charging shutter featuring an illuminated MG logo acting as the nose only when the Comet is being charged. The front also houses a blue strip, which runs parallel to the front DRL, irrespective of the Comet's colour. 

The rear houses a typical Internet Inside badge alongside MG, Comet and EV badges. It’s the neatest section of the car. The side profile is dominated by large doors with vertical chrome door handles sitting flush alongside the sizeable rear window glass pane cut deep for more illumination. The smaller wheel sizes suit the overall car dimension. This quirky design houses a rear camera and parking sensor with dynamic park assist lines on the extensive infotainment system. MG offers many optional accessories, and we recommend the additional roof storage unit for more oomph and added practicality.

TopGear Magazine February 2024