Cars/ First-drive/ Rolls-Royce Ghost | A Symphony of Opulence and Unparalleled Luxury | First Drive Review

Rolls-Royce Ghost | A Symphony of Opulence and Unparalleled Luxury | First Drive Review

The Spirit of Ecstasy that sits at the prow of that vast bonnet, an elegant emissary from a distant postcode, and the umbrella that nestles within the B-pillars are the true signature in every Rolls-Royce


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All said and experienced; you tend to fall in love with its exterior beauty. How could anyone manage to make something this big and not even rule with intimation? The appeal of the Ghost to me feels like a gentleman’s god who can go brutal when needed but charms the roads with its presence. The car’s hand-welded aluminium structure means that its body has a seamless flow to it, with windows popping out. It is built on the new aluminium space frame architecture that also underpins its flagship Phantom and SUV Cullinan, which has even more flexibility and versatility to cope with the new mechanical and aesthetic demands of the exclusive customer. The car’s outer body is made of one single frame running right from the A-pillar to the back doors. And, you don’t even need to stretch your arms to close this heavy door. Pressing a button is enough. Its obsessive attention to detail should be taught and made compulsory in all elementary schools in India. For example, if the spirit of ecstasy figuring on the bonnet only leans forward by seven degrees, then you have two newly crafted veneers to choose from. This is where each Ghost creates its own identity, with 82 percent of Ghosts having been bespoke, and each veneer is more unique, and no two are the same. It’s like a bespoke tailored suit with your signature, simply a masterstroke. Human hands do the outer paint line, and even a machine can’t find a flaw in it, and the brush used to draw it is also a special one.

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