Cars/ First-drive/ Rolls-Royce Ghost | A Symphony of Opulence and Unparalleled Luxury | First Drive Review

Rolls-Royce Ghost | A Symphony of Opulence and Unparalleled Luxury | First Drive Review

The Spirit of Ecstasy that sits at the prow of that vast bonnet, an elegant emissary from a distant postcode, and the umbrella that nestles within the B-pillars are the true signature in every Rolls-Royce


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A bespoke audio system incorporates a resonance chamber into the body’s sills, effectively turning the car into a giant sub-woofer. A big amp controls 18 channels to provide a 1300W output, and the set-up uses magnesium-ceramic speaker cones. There are even active microphones to detect frequency imbalances which the amplifier automatically compensates for. Meanwhile, a Micro-Environment Purification System has ultra-sensitive impurity sensors to switch the air con to recirculation if it detects airborne contaminants. It filtrates the air and activates fresh air if the unaccepted quality of air quality is detected. The air passes through a nano-fleece filter that removes all the contaminations from inside the cabin in just 2 min.

It’s 170mm longer than the standard Ghost. At 5.7m, it is around 700mm longer than Range Rover Autobiography and around 400mm longer than S-class. So it’s really the most luxurious and comfortable back seat you can hop in. Reports suggest that all of the leather in a Rolls-Royce is sourced from cattle raised at high altitudes.

Then there is the attention to the finest details befitting the wonder of Rolls Royce, for example, its fridge- The optimum temperature for non-vintage champagne is 6 degrees, and vintage is 11 degrees. Hence, the refrigerator operates in two cooling modes to keep the quality of experience intact. The signature starlight headliner with over 1000 individual LEDs that are hand-woven into the custom roof liner. It can be toggled to give the cabin the ambience of a beautiful night sky. And upon request, it can even build custom star constellations that only appear on your birthday or shooting stars that cross the cabin at random intervals. It uses 152 top-mounted LEDs and 90,000 laser-etched dots across the surface to disperse the light evenly. The air vents are stainless steel and have a pleasing resonance. The climate control is by rotating red and blue discs, with beautifully damped rotary knobs to control the fan speed.

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