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2023 Tata Nexon Driven | Venue Who? | First Drive Review

The battle for India's second-largest automotive manufacturer continues to escalate, with the latest twist being the release of an updated version of Tata's best-selling model.


High-quality screens, proper petrol, premium sound, diesel on offer, modern design, great highway manners


Parking sensors cannot be turned off, fit and finish still isn't there yet, how do I press the horn while driving?


It’s a new era because the Nexon now comes with features that even the Koreans have yet to introduce. Additionally, its styling outshines even Tata's current flagship, rendering it almost bland in comparison. While the pre-facelifted vehicle used to look menacing on the roll, this updated version exudes sophistication. It won't take long for you to see what I’m on about; a simple press of the unlock button on the familiar key initiates a welcoming lighting sequence on the all-new front face. At this moment, your jaw is likely to drop as the Nexon confidently displays its sequential turn indicators, executed so flawlessly that you may almost overlook the newly arranged vertical headlamp cluster nestled lower in the bumper, adorned with a plethora of modern design elements.

Some might deem it excessive, an earnest effort to entice more customers into Tata showrooms. However, just as many innovative designs initially face rejection but eventually gain acceptance, I believe the Nexon has the potential to polarize opinions when viewed through images but may win hearts when experienced in person. The rear, much like the front, receives new lighting and design elements imparting a sense of freshness. The connected taillamp at the rear remains illuminated throughout the car's operation, serving as a daytime running light like the ones on the front. If there's one aspect where I wish Tata Motors could improve, it would be enhancing its manufacturing tolerances as some rough edges and inconsistent panel gaps still persist.

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