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2023 Tata Nexon Driven | Venue Who? | First Drive Review

The battle for India's second-largest automotive manufacturer continues to escalate, with the latest twist being the release of an updated version of Tata's best-selling model.


High-quality screens, proper petrol, premium sound, diesel on offer, modern design, great highway manners


Parking sensors cannot be turned off, fit and finish still isn't there yet, how do I press the horn while driving?


What has been addressed though is the lack of a sophisticated gearbox with the petrol. In addition to the existing AMT, Tata Motors now offers a dual-clutch automatic transmission, complete with a fresh e-shifter and paddle shifters conveniently located behind the steering wheel. This new gearbox has transformed the driving experience from what was once underwhelming to genuinely enjoyable. It may not match the precision of a German-engineered vehicle and exhibits characteristics akin to a torque converter. Nevertheless, this upgrade significantly enhances the overall driving package. They didn’t give us the RaceMo, but oh well, for now, I am more than happy with this. 

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