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2023 Tata Nexon Driven | Venue Who? | First Drive Review

The battle for India's second-largest automotive manufacturer continues to escalate, with the latest twist being the release of an updated version of Tata's best-selling model.


High-quality screens, proper petrol, premium sound, diesel on offer, modern design, great highway manners


Parking sensors cannot be turned off, fit and finish still isn't there yet, how do I press the horn while driving?


Many of you have arrived on this page to know just how good are the updates made to one of India’s most loved vehicles. So, instead of subjecting you to an exhaustive list of enhancements that Tata Motors has incorporated into the Nexon, allow me to provide a straightforward verdict: it is truly exceptional. It reigns supreme for those seeking features that genuinely make a difference, for individuals desiring a vehicle that commands attention on the road, and for professionals navigating both rugged, pothole-laden streets and well-maintained highways across the city. Folks, I say this with utmost confidence - it sure is time to welcome a new era at Tata Motors.


I can assure you that, like myself, all of you will be delighted when you have the opportunity to experience this car firsthand. Personally, the Nexon impresses me greatly with its exceptional value proposition, safety features, driving dynamics, and striking aesthetics. It not only emerges victorious within its segment but also boldly competes with SUVs from the tier above. If any doubts about Tata Motors still linger in your mind, I encourage you to visit your nearest dealership and personally explore these vehicles to be the ultimate judge. Honestly, it would come as no surprise to witness many of you driving away in a brand-new Nexon.

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