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2023 Tata Nexon Driven | Venue Who? | First Drive Review

The battle for India's second-largest automotive manufacturer continues to escalate, with the latest twist being the release of an updated version of Tata's best-selling model.


High-quality screens, proper petrol, premium sound, diesel on offer, modern design, great highway manners


Parking sensors cannot be turned off, fit and finish still isn't there yet, how do I press the horn while driving?


If you're under the impression that the Nexon's update lacks purpose, wait until you step inside the cabin. A plethora of new features await and they aren't just intended to entice tech-savvy first-time car buyers; these additions genuinely cater to the preferences of seasoned drivers. Two immediate standout features catch your eye - the twin high-definition screens that usher the cabin into the modern age and the upholstery colour that elevates it to the ambience of a business lounge.

Let's delve into the screens – they stand as the best in the class, and even outshine those in a class above. What truly leaves a lasting impression, though, is the driver screen. Picture this: not only can you cycle through various views, but it even accommodates Google Maps, fully occupying the screen via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For those who prefer a more minimalist approach, reduced view options are readily available as well.

To make sure you feel like driving something new at all times is the leather-wrapped driver's steering wheel which also has an illuminated logo, making it the first of its kind in India. Straight out of the concept some would say - but it only takes a while for you to realise the entire car feels like a concept car coming to reality. And that’s good and also bad. Good because the design is cutting edge and comes wrapped in this shade of purple and charcoal grey; and bad because the finishing touches still look like they could go through a few rounds of revision before the car is delivered to the customers. Hoping for Tata Motors to address this. 

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